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About Us

Leading supplier of advanced coffee solutions
in the beverage industry

Founded in 2015 in southern California by two entrepreneurs with over thirty years of beverage industry experience (FMCG) Pulling from a background in the beverage industry with ex-tensive experience with the development of the energy drink category in North Amenca, Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions and awareness ot the current market trends towards healthier alternatives the company vision was to develop a healthier and natural alternative to energy drinks for consumers with a focus on corporate social responsibility Manufacturing in Canada, U.S., Malaysia, The Middle East.

Acacia Tree Farms LLC
5348 Vegas Drive NV 89108
(949) 304-7600

Branded solutions

Acacia Tree Farms offers branded solutions. Whether Acacia branded or your own private label, we can support with hot/cold beverage equipment and ready to drink formats to ensure maximum brand visibility.

- Hot and Cold specialty beverages

- Touch screen display

- Cold brew coffee and cold brew tea

- HOT Americano and hot tea

- Operational convenience with Acacia concentrates

- Shelf Stable (Concentrate and RTD)

- Less waste

- Low maintenance: Concentrate mixes with water (No grinders)

- QR Code: Acacia App utilizing blockchain technology to capture data points through supply chain Transparency from farm to cup

RTD - private label or branded

Acacia Tree Farms offers Private Label or Branded RTD Beverages. We provide custom formulation and an array of enhancements to some classic beverages along with the ability to improve on existing products.

- Shelf Stable — 18 mo from production

- Various can sizes

- Nitro, sparkling or still

- Coffees, Teas, Cascaras, Lemonades and more

- Cleaner energy alternatives — caffeine from green coffee

- Compliment Foodservice solutions for equipment-based products with RTD format

- Owned facilities in US, Canada, Middle East and Malaysia (Global brand support)


Where equipment costs or Capex are concerns, ability to launch a low-cost, versatile cold brew, Iced coffee or fruitbased beverage program.

Dispense directly from the shelf stable Bag In Box concentrates or make batch preparation easy by mixing concentrate and fresh cold water in a standard cold tea or coffee dispenser.

- Start small and build up

- Single dose operation (i.e. espresso martini)

- Mobile operation – use as espresso shot for iced lattes when off-site and equipment not available

- Add lemonades and other popular fruit-based beverages easily to your menu. (Use existing sparkling water option to add for a carbonated beverage)

- Evaluate profitability of manual dispense program where upgrade to equipment may be an option.

Innovation ( Product development and manufacturing)

Acacia Tree Farms is at the forefront of innovation providing advanced coffee and tea based solutions to the beverage industry ; focusing on natural ingredients of the highest quality to develop products that answer customers demand and are on trend with consumers; the ready to drink coffee and tea category is the fastest growing category in the beverage industry worldwide ; this growth is being propelled by demand for better for you functional alternatives and Acacia Tree farms is leading innovation in this category with unique proprietary extractions and formulations including cold brew coffee, tea and other beverages derived from coffee and tea including natural caffeine from green coffee extract, cascara from the coffee cherry , hibiscus and green tea among other new variants as well as juices and lemonades infused with such ingredients and vise versa.

Acacia tree farms also has various canning and bottling capabilities that includes packaging capabilities across multiple formats as well as a global footprint which allows for manufacturing across multiple markets . This allows for local production across multiple global markets for a more cost effective and deeper market penetration.


Click to to view the Response of Block Chain API

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that provides transparency and immutability in recording and verifying transactions. When it comes to tracing coffee beans from the farm to the cup, blockchain technology can play a crucial role in ensuring authenticity, traceability, and accountability throughout the entire supply chain. Here is a simplified explanation of the process:
1. Farming Stage: At the coffee farm, each batch of beans is assigned a unique identifier or "digital asset" on the blockchain. Information such as the origin, variety, and cultivation practices can be recorded.
2. Harvesting and Processing: As the coffee beans go through various stages of harvesting, processing, and drying, each step can be recorded on the blockchain. This includes important details such as date of harvesting, location, and processing methods used.
3. Transport and Logistics: During transportation, the coffee beans can be tracked using IoT (Internet of Things) devices that can monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. This data can be stored on the blockchain, providing an auditable record of the journey.
4. Roasting and Packaging: Once the beans reach the roasting facility, the process can be recorded on the blockchain, including details like roasting temperature, duration, and any additional ingredients used. The packaging information, such as the expiration date and batch number, can also be added to the blockchain.
5. Distribution and Retail: After the coffee is packaged and labeled, it can be distributed to retailers or directly to consumers. Throughout this stage, every transaction involving the coffee can be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and traceability.
6. Consumer Engagement: Consumers can scan a QR code or use a unique identifier on the coffee packaging to access information about the coffee's journey on the blockchain. They can learn about the farm, the farmers, and the processes involved, fostering trust and allowing them to make informed choices.
By implementing blockchain technology, the coffee supply chain becomes more transparent, as all records are stored on an immutable and visible ledger. This helps to combat fraud, counterfeit products, and unethical practices, while also providing consumers with a deeper understanding and connection to the coffee they enjoy.